Blog Let's Meet Bilingual Author Natalia Sepulveda

Let's Meet Bilingual Author Natalia Sepulveda


We are carrying on with our Bilingual Book Blog, and this week and I am really looking forward to introducing you to another bilingual author, and for you to read about how she uses languages and the reasons she wrote a bilingual book.

So let's meet Natalia Sepulveda

Would you like to introduce yourself?

"I’m natalia and I am on a journey raising my children Christian and bilingual (English-Spanish) in Central Florida. I’m originally from San German, Puerto Rico and I work from home as a children’s book author, translator, and editor. I enjoy promoting educational and bilingual books and resources in my Bilingual Lifestyle blog."

How do you currently use languages?

"We try to speak Spanish using the time and place method, as well as one parent one language. It’s truly a mix. It changes as they grow."

What made you decide to write a bilingual book?

"I noticed there was a lack of Christian bilingual books and I wanted to encourage children to not only be bilingual but also use the gifts that God has given them, to serve Him in missions."

What benefits do you see in bilingual books?

"Bilingual books bridge the gap between parents/grandparents and children. Many times, when families move to the U.S. the children seem to capture the English language fairly quickly, which is not always the case for adults. This is where bilingual books serve as a wonderful tool to bring families together and bridge the gap of the language barrier."

Tell us a little bit about your bilingual book.

"I’m the author of “Kai The Missionary Sea Turtle| Kai la tortuga marina misionera” a bilingual English-Spanish children’s book about missions. It teaches children about what missionaries do in their everyday lives, while encouraging them to be missionaries themselves. This book motivates children to be bilingual and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone they know. It also teaches the instruments, geography, colors, animals in both languages. The bonus section includes: a hide and seek game with jellyfish, a Christian parenting guide, a bilingual map, and missionary facts. You can find the book on Amazon. Target, and"

If you wish to get your hands on Natalias book then follow the link here to AMAZON

Natalia also offers free printables on her website, check those out at

You can also connect with Natalia on a number of social media platforms INSTAGRAM , TWITTER  or   FACEBOOK

I hope that you have enoyed reading about Natalias book and will be checking out her website, book and other resources.

If you are looking for any resources in engish and german do not forget to take a look at my book THE OUTDOOR BILINGUAL LEARNER or if you are looking for some free bilingual resources log-in to THE RESOURCE LIBRARY.

Have a fabulous Easter everyone and enjoy spending time with your families.

Until next time!




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I support families who are either raising their children bilingually or who wish to introduce english or german into their home or homeschooling routine using nature and the great outdoors.

I started 'The Outdoor Bilingual Learner' initally as I was writing my bilingual book, after finding that bilingual resources in english and german were extremely lacking (having looked for various resources being a bilingual home). Also in order to not only share my experience of raising a child bilingually but also to encourage more families to spend more time outdoors to learn langauges.

I wish to inspire families to overcome any reservations that they may have in introducing english or german into their homes and for them to gain confidence in their language journey.


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