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Learning Languages through Nature


It has been researched and proven time and time again that children learn more quickly with the use of play and the great outdoors.

Here at Outdoor Bilingual Learner we coach, advise and get you and your family ON YOUR FOREST PATH in order to introduce a second language (predominantly english /german) into your lives using nature and the great outdoors, with our focus being on families with children between the ages of three to ten years of age.

In an outdoor environment children are more inquisitive, adventurous and more likely to observe and ask questions. This builds the perfect setting for learning a new language

Hello Language Learners

My name is Rachel and I am so pleased that you have found your way here.

I support families who are either raising their children bilingually or who wish to introduce english or german into their home or homeschooling routine using nature and the great outdoors.

I started 'The Outdoor Bilingual Learner' initally as I was writing my bilingual book, after finding that bilingual resources in english and german were extremely lacking (having looked for various resources being a bilingual home). Also in order to not only share my experience of raising a child bilingually but also to encourage more families to spend more time outdoors to learn languages.

I wish to inspire families to overcome any reservations that they may have in introducing english or german into their homes and for them to gain confidence in their language journey.


Here are some of the ways that I can support both you and your family

on your langauge learning journey.

This is a one time Power-Hour or even an on-going support to ensure that your are clear on what your language jouney should look like and also to ensure that you meet your language goals for the future.

The 'Resource Library' is full of free bilingual resources which is updated regularly, to work through in your own time.

My book 'The Outdoor Bilingual Learner' is available as E-Book (Amazon Kindle), Paperback or PDF download.


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