How to set your new language goals for this year

HOW TO SET YOUR NEW LANGUAGE GOALS FOR THIS YEAR New Year, New resolutions and then two weeks later, it is all forgotten. I think we have all been there. However, when you are starting your new language journey, you will hopefully have a specific goal in mind and a vision of how this is going to look. Now is the time to be realistic and put some thoughts down on how this goal will be started and achieved without losing interest or momentum. Let us be honest; we know introducing a new language ...

Rhythm - The Importance for Children

Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm If you have been following us on Social Media for some time you will have noticed that since around September last year we have been focussing on rhythm in the home. Children from very early on need a Rhythm (routine) whether it’s with a new born baby, a toddler or a younger child. It relaxes them, they   have stability and they feel safe. Originally I thought the rhythm should be purely focused on waking –up, feed times and sleeping routines, ...

The Importance of Read Aloud Time in a Bilingual Home

The Importance of Read Aloud time in a Bilingual Home We all know the importance of reading aloud to children, but I feel it is even more important when raising a bilingual child. Language Language Children absolutely love the sound of language before they even notice printed words on paper. Reading aloud stimulates the imagination and also ensures that children are exposed to lots of new words within a short time. It also has benefits towards behaviour and attention spans. Plus studies prove ...

Why You Should Never Compare your Bilingual Journey to Other Families

Why You Should Never Compare your Bilingual Journey to Other Families Instagram and Facebook are full of content about raising your child bilingually. Recently, I’ve been made aware of the anxiety parents feel when comparing the speed or ability of their child against others, and I thought it was the right time to share my thoughts on the matter. I understand it, I do! As parents, it is human nature to compare our children with others, and not just on academic ability, but on their whole ...

The Love of Books and the Great Outdoors

So you’ve just read the title and thought, „Well those things are completely different!”, but are they? I hear adults all the time talking about how their child does not like reading or books in general, or that their child always wants to stay indoors.  Children are great imitators and from a very young age they start out in life imitating us, their parents. I can remember as a child my mom reading book after book, from romantic trash through to non-fiction titles, but ...

About us

So, I never thought for one minute that I would be writing a Blog about OUTDOOR LEARNING, BILINGUAL BOOKS and RAISING BILINGUAL CHILDREN, but here I am putting pen to paper (or should I say fingers to keyboard), and it’s not as daunting as I thought it would be. Hi, I’m Rachel a tea drinking outdoorsy book fanatic equestrian Brummy gone Austrian. I have lived in Austria now for just over 13 years, moving here after meeting my husband. For those of you that are thinking it, I am a ...


Hello Language Learners!

My name is Rachel and I am so pleased that you have found your way here.

I support families who are either raising their children bilingually or who wish to introduce english or german into their home or homeschooling routine using nature and the great outdoors.

I started 'The Outdoor Bilingual Learner' initally as I was writing my bilingual book, after finding that bilingual resources in english and german were extremely lacking (having looked for various resources being a bilingual home). Also in order to not only share my experience of raising a child bilingually but also to encourage more families to spend more time outdoors to learn langauges.

I wish to inspire families to overcome any reservations that they may have in introducing english or german into their homes and for them to gain confidence in their language journey.


Here is what I can do for you.


The 'Resource Library' is full of free bilingual resources which is updated regularly, to work through in your own time.

1:1 Coaching

This is a one time Power-Hour or even an on-going support to ensure that your are clear on what your language jouney should look like and also to ensure that you meet your language goals for the future.


My book 'The Outdoor Bilingual Learner' is available as E-Book or paperback


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